Celebrity Solstice ABC Ad Pods

By Brad Simpson / On Jun.06.2008 / In Banners Design Flash Production

What do you do when account teams tells you they have an Ad buy on ABC.com and hav eno idea what to run on it? You extend the luxurious, all about you experience through the television show they are watching. Sketched, prototyped and created over the course of two-weeks to meet the deadline, myself along with Adam Samara (copywriter) crafted these four ad pods using two existing TV spots and creating two more spots from b-roll that focused strictly on the spa and dining activities aboard this new class of luxury ships. These new spots we created were used as backers to broadcast ads on Good Morning America, giving you an overview of the experience with a detail about the spa or dining.

ABC.com Broadband Ad Pods

  • Ad Pod 1 (Celebrity Crusies Starring You: Veranda)
  • Ad Pod 2 (Celebrity Solstice: The Lawn Club)
  • Ad Pod 3 (Solstice: Dining :15/AquaClass :15)
  • Ad Pod 4 (Celebrity Solstice: The Lawn Club)
  • Pause Ad (Celebrity Cruises Starring You)
It Takes a Village: 

Dennis Ryan CCO

Danny Schuman GCD

Kevin Seavitt CD, Creator of concept and original TV spots

Brad Simpson Design, Production

Adam Samara Copywriter