By Brad Simpson / On Jul.26.2010 / In Creative Direction

Life doesn't necessarily fit into perfectly straight lines, detailed diagrams or neat little compartments.

It just happens, evolves and never ever stops. You find solutions in the now, you make a plan and embrace that change, is in fact, a fact of life. You share, you scheme, you plan, you adjust, you possess and then you start over.

Life's messy but with Expo you always have a clean slate.

Expo. Life. ReMarkable.

It Takes a Village: 


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Core Team:

  • Brad Simpson, CD - Interactive
  • Chris Roeleveld, Designer
  • Emily Starolis, Copywriter

Strategic Planning

  • Abby Covert, Experience Planner/Information Architect
  • Christie Chaffe, Planner


  • Adam Kapraun, Producer
  • Riley Sheehan, Merge/Sharepoint

Account Management

  • Alison West, Account Executive - Digital
  • Madeline Nies, Associate Account Executive


Extended Team:


  • Gigi Carroll, Group Creative Director
  • Suzanna Bierwirth, VP, Creative Director


  • Jason Mitton, Director of Interactive Production


  • Kapil Arora, Web Developer
  • David Myers, Director of Technology

Account Management

  • Jennifer Rowland, EVP, Group Management Director - Accounts
  • Chris Miller, SVP, Group Management Director - Digital