By Brad Simpson / On Dec.01.2012 / In IA Creative Direction CSS Design Drupal HTML UX

Overcoming Underwashing -- the single biggest reason for foodborne illness. This site is in it's 5th version over the past 10+ years. This year involved an extensive IA/UX redsign to cleanup after years of refinement in content and purpose. Positioned to speak directly to the restaurant person in charge (PIC), this site provides all the resources and tools to implement a HACCP approach to cleanliness in their restaurant.

Upgraded over the years from hand-coded pages, to Drupal 4.7 and now in Drupal 7 with custom responsive theme using Omega.

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It Takes a Village: 

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Brad Simpson IA/UX, Visual Design, Development

Rob Ray Creative Technology Wizard, Technical Adivsor

Sean Fuller Woodchipper Studios, Drupal Advice

Tim Svensen Javascript, jQuery & Drupal theme Support

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