HFL Founder & HandsOn System Video Series

By Brad Simpson / On Nov.14.2013 / In Creative Direction Art Direction

Working with Jim and Handwashing For Life since it's inception (over thirteen years now), we needed to extend Jim's outreach and understanding of what our mission of Overcoming Underwashing encompasses. Jim lives and breathes the message and tells it like no one else. These series of videos tell the story of the founding principles and the 5-step protocol to overcome these challenges in today's world of eating away from home.

Handwashing For Life®

Handwashing For Life®

It Takes a Village: 

Jim Mann, Founder of Handwashing For Life®, http://www.handwashingforlife.com/

Heidi Coudal, Owner of Big Delicious Planet (Location), http://www.bigdeliciousplanet.com/

James Kozar, Owner, Director & Editor of THIS Inc., http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesmkozar, http://www.makeitthis.com/