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By Brad Simpson / On Feb.02.2009 / In Comps Creative Direction Design

These are design comps.

“I Believe.” A simple proclamation to the belief that science can solve the issues that we face today and in the future. Giving a voice to millions that believe, The Registry provides a mechanism to sign this proclamation and make it public in some very big ways…and not so big ways.

Environmental Display

Around the globe, a dozen museums provide the backdrop to a cascading waterfall of believers. Using video projection and 3-D mapping of the building’s facade, the names of people who signed The Registry flow down the building.

The Registry |  The Dow Chemical Company

Sign The Registry at a Kiosk

Placed at the museums and in major airports around the globe, these terminals provide an interactive experience to adding there name and seeing the names of those who have signed before them. Touching the screen interacts with the waterfall of names, splitting the stream, with cues to add your signature.

The Registry |  The Dow Chemical Company

Sign The Registry On-line

Another avenue to sign The Registry and to view the waterfall of names. Interaction lets you split the stream and view the addition of your signature. Same splitting of the name stream happens in response to mouse movements.

The Registry |  The Dow Chemical Company

Where it Lives on

As an extension of the HU campaign, The Registry is a persistent button throughout the site. Attached to the footer and discreetly raised above all content, it signifies the importance that science plays in the solution to today’s issues facing us and the future.

The Registry |  The Dow Chemical Company

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