Space Design: BINTH Store+Studio

By Brad Simpson / On Jan.14.2013 / In Design Space Retail

The fall of 2011 provided a rich design experience for me. As one who enjoys design and making things—whether they are printed, pixels or objects—we (domestic partner Suzanna, subject of below video) built a studio space with a retail area for our online business BINTH. From design to build to running the space, it's a great pleasure to work, entertain and see people enjoying the space. This video by James Kozar showcases the space brilliantly!

It Takes a Village: 


Brad Simpson Design, Build

Suzanna Bierwirth Creative Direction

Peter Moorman Build advice, Contractor/Fabricator at Moorman Works

Grischa Kurz Paint and Drywall



Suzanna Bierwirth Concept, Creative Direction

James Kozar Concept, Storyboard, Filming, Production, Editing

Conner Simpson Music Composition, Production